During 2009 – 2013 years, we were excited with new arrivals of Burmese Refugees from Thailand/Burma border and some were from Malaysia. Our ongoing ministry with Refugees in Oakland and Bay area is challenging. It became worthy course for our congregation to serve those newly arrivals, the Newcomers.

We were engaging in advancing gospel among Burmese immigrants and refugees here in Bay area. Congregation increases in number and growth in spiritual as we served them. The needs in continuing effort to help in education, resettlement, cultures orientations, financial aids, workshops, and ministering towards Refugees in our community is on going. We hope that you can be a part of mentoring, helping, and growing together with newcomers in our midst.

Recently we have changed the name from New Comers Ministry to Caring Ministry in order to expend our ministry and to meet the needs of community around us. 


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