Christian Education Ministry involves the administration and coordination of programs or strategies to facilitate the spiritual growth or discipleship of believers into Christ-likeness  A church needs to develop a sound philosophy for Christian education based on the Word of God. A sound philosophical statement is not enough, however, to experience the transformation of lives. What is on paper must be put into practice for it to make a difference. The Christian Education ministry of the church is not a one person job. It takes many people working at different levels and in different capacities. When working as a team, key leaders of the various areas will have a much greater effectiveness. A Director of Christian Education certainly can provide pivotal leadership. (Retrieved from

Weekly Children Sunday School Classes

Our weekly Sunday School classes are divided into four categories: Kindergarteners, Elementary, Meddlers, &  Preteens. Teachers are assigned in rotation basis to teach children with quality curriculum which Christian education leaders carefully selected for the classes.  

Vacation Bible School (VBS)

Our annual Vacation Bible School (VBS) is a blast to children and youth of the church and affiliated churches. During the summer each year, Christian education leaders lead the children and youth for 3 to 5 days VBS camp in church and outdoor facilities. Children learn spiritual lessons, action songs, sports, and the Bible. Young adults volunteers their talents and time for VBS in teaching, leading games, fun activities, and care giving. VBS is highlight of ministry to empower younger generation with the word of God. It is significantly impact over the lives of children and youth as they continue to grow in their spiritual life. Christian education leaders are ensuring the lasting impact of God’s word in the lives of children and youth through VBS event each year. Your prayer and financial support will enable even further for the investment on our younger generation to become godly men and women. So, do not let  your summer goes by without sending  your children to our annual VBS!

Weekly Adult Sunday School

Our senior pastor is teaching adult Sunday School each week at 12:30 PM- 1:00 PM in the class. Everyone is welcome to join before our worship service begins. The topic of study varies by month to month. You questions and discussion of the studied topics are welcome during the class. Hope you can join in weekly to gain deeper knowledge of God and His words as we study and apply in our lives.

Weekly Cell Groups

Each week, on Friday and Saturday nights our church members meet at their homes for Bible study, prayer, and fellowship. On Wednesday evening, Deacons meet together for leadership training, Bible study, and prayer. Everyone in the church is expected to join in these cell groups each week. Those cell meetings provide additional Bible study and discussion time with face to face setting. You will be surprised how well you can connect with people in spiritual, social, and family oriented time. We are currently studying on the book, “Journey with Jesus: The Life of Christ” (vol.1,2,&3) by Dr. David Jeremiah. You are welcome to join us each week!