OBMBC Youths Summer Camp is Coming on

July 9th-10th 2022!

@Redwood Glen Christian Camp


OBMBC Vacation Bible School is Coming on

July 27th-31st 2022!


Bay Area Burmese Christians Worship is Coming on August 6th 2022!


2-4 PM


 Burmese Christians Alliance Camp is coming on September 3rd – 5th 2022! (Labor Day Weekend)

@Old Oak Ranch Christian Camp, Sonora CA.

Join us!!!

You are invited!

Praise & Worship

∼ the King of kings ∼

Friday · July 6th
 Praise & Worship Night: 7-9 pm
Saturday, July 7th
Seminar: 1-4 pm
Dinner: 5pm
Praise & Worship Night: 7-9 pm



Hand in Hand Education | Sunday, May 20

“East Meets West: How to Love Your Children”
Do you struggle to talk to your teens? Do you have a heard time to understand what they say? So join us to hear from pastor Ire her insights regarding teens’ culture, mindset, and experiences- how they relate to parents- to share with you. This Sunday after service at OBMBC

This Week Event | Sunday · May 6

Kachin Internally Displaced People (IDP) … 

Published: © OBMBC | May 3, 2018
A recent civil war between Myanmar Army and Kachin (ကခ်င္)  Independence Army in Kachin State causes many village people to flee from their homeland into jungles and cities nearby. Some villagers are still trapped between two armies in the war zone. Our church is raising fund to aid their immediate needs such as items of clothing, food, shelters, and medicines… Read more 
“And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” (Mathew 25:40)
မင္းႀကီးက၊ ငါအမွန္ဆိုသည္ကား၊ သင္တို႔သည္ ဤသူတည္းဟူေသာ ငါ့ညီတို႕တြင္ အငယ္ဆံုးေသာ သူတေယာက္အား ျပဳၾကသမွ်တို႔ကို ငါ့အား ျပဳၾကၿပီဟု ျပန္၍မိန္႔ေတာ္မူလတံ့။ (ရွင္မႆဲ ခရစ္ဝင္ ၂၅း၄၀)
Photos: © Kachin News | Myitkyina News | Online Resources

Kachin Internally Displaced People due to civil war in Myanmar during the month of April 2018… Learn more


Elsewhere | Events

Bible Study · Q&A 

at Stephen Hub

Hosted by OBMBC

Burmese Christian Alliance – Revival Service

ျမန္မာခရစ္ယာန္ သဟာရ

April 21, 2018


Revival & Refreshing for God’s people

Date: Saturday, April 21st
Time: 3:00 ~ 6:00 pm
Holy Cross Lutheran Church
1092 Alberta Way · Concord · CA 94521

ရာဇဝင္ခ်ဳပ္ ဒုုတိယေစာင္ ၇း၁၄

ငါ့နာမျဖင့္ သမုုတ္ေသာ ငါ့လူတိုု႕သည္ ကိုုယ္ကိုု ႏွိမ့္ခ်သျဖင့္၊ ငါ့မ်က္ႏွာကိုု ရွာလ်က္ ဆုေတာင္းပဌနာျပဳ၍ အဓမၼလမ္းကိုု လြဲေရွာင္လွ်င္ ငါသည္ ေကာင္းကင္ဘံုု၌ နားေထာင္မည္။ သူတိုု႕ အျပစ္ကိုု ေျဖ၍ သူတိုု႕ျပည္ကိုု ခ်မ္းသာေပးမည္။

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