Our Pastor

Rev. Dr. Lone Lazum

Praise the Lord! Our pastor Lone is passionate about Myanmar ministry and has a heart for San Francisco Bay Area communities. He and his wife Jae are serving together at OBMBC along with three beautiful children. He has Doctor of Ministry degree from Temple Baptist Seminary, Chattanooga, Tennessee and Doctor of Philosophy in Leadership from Piedmont International University, Winston-Selam, North Carolina. He loves to teach and preach the Word of God weekly. Why not, come and meet him.
Our Leadership Team
       Pastor Jae             Pastor La Hkawng       Pastor Jacob Hung            Awng Myat Phong                Pastor Alian Pau                        Pastor Mary
   (Ch. Ed. pastor)         (Teaching Pastor)        (Worship Pastor)        (Praise & Worship Leader)             (Music Pastor)                 (Children Ministry Pastor)
Our Management Team
            Moderator                                                             Secretary                                                         Asst. Secretary
            Nway Nway                                                          Sarah Kaw                                                         May Lin Soe
Our Finance Team
           Finance Manger                                                    Accountant (AP)                                                Accountant (AR)  
           Cynthia Thwin                                                       Sapphire Tay                                                         Ei Ei Soe
Our Mission Team
            Oversea Mission Chair                       Asst. Oversea Mission                   National & Local Mission Chair             Asst. National & Local Mission
               Lawrance Chow                                 Emerald Wong                                 David S. Lwin                                      Jacob Hung
Our Support Team
        Audio/Visual/Web Chair          Food Committee Chair        Building Maintenance Chair
             Tang Naung                          Sandra Sar                           Franky Kaw
 Our Ministry Leaders
      Care Ministry Lead                      English Ministry Chair          Pastoral Relations Committee Chair   Shepherd Leadership Academy    Shepherd Leadership Academy
         Tin Win Soon                                Aung Shwe                                  Flora Wu                              Nway Nway. (Registrar)              David S. Lwin (Advisor)
Meet Our Deacons & Deaconess 
Deaconess Emerald Wong
Deacon  Jeffrey Wu
Deacon Aung Shwe
Deacon Franky Kaw
Deacon Tin Win Soon
Deacon Paul Thwin
Deacon David S. Lwin
Our Fellowship Leaders
     Women Fellowship Chair      Young Adults Fellowship Chair         Youths Fellowship Chair                 Men Fellowship Chair                    Senior Fellowship Chair
              Lu Aung                                Lian Lian                                  Luke Zan                                   Tin Win Soon                              Lawrence Chow