Foundations Judson Communities (FJC)

Offering Classes

  1. Old Testament: A Brief Overview
  2. New Testament: A Brief Overview
  3. Human Sexuality and the Bible
  4. Systematic Theology
  5. Baptist Heritage: A Brief Overview
  1. Church Administration: includes legal matters, non-profit status, tax issues, performing weddings, licensing,  etc.
  2. Ministry Ethic
  3. Missional Church
  1. Local Ministry in America: includes Counseling and other matters different than might be encountered in Burma.
  2. Conflict Transformation
  3. Youth Ministry and Generational Issues
  4. Christian Education/Sunday School
  5. Counseling
  6. Congregational nurture and special services

FJC program


Goals of FJC

  1. Better prepare and equip pastors and leaders of congregations of people that have been resettled in the USA from Burma/Myanmar to lead their churches and to better help individuals become better church members.
  2. Provide a basic level of preparation for church leaders with Burma roots and document the training so that US regional representatives and US denominational leaders can better understand where people from Burma/Myanmar fit into US church organizations and so that at least some of the church leader’s training is recognized in the US.
  3. Make training available in a number of strategic locations around the US so that as many as possible can participate.
  4. Teach in the language best understood by those taking the classes.
  5. Make the training flexible to meet the needs of the students in any particular location.


Central Seminary originally developed the FOUNDATIONS program to help provide a basic level of training for Spanish speaking pastors in the Kansas City area. The original course offerings were then expanded and adapted so that currently, a selection of 14 classes now comprises the full FJC program.

There is a pool of qualified instructors in the US who can teach in the Burmese, Karen, Kachin and other languages. These instructors are recruited to teach the courses. For some subjects where an “American” based view might desired, English-speaking instructors are used with translation.

Classes are scheduled at strategic locations to attract as many students as possible in a given area. Classes are generally held every other Saturday for about 7 months, for a total of 14 class sessions. On each class day, eight hours of training will be provided on a particular subject. For those that complete all 14 class sessions or who do not miss more than 2 classes, a certificate from Central Baptist Theological Seminary will be awarded. However, students are welcome to attend individual classes even if they can’t participate in the full program.